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My pleasure?

Thank you for the note thanking me for the thank you note. I can now assume one of two things:

  1. That you are being sarcastic, as I didn’t send you a thank you note (so there is nothing to thank me for.)

  2. Somebody sent a thank you note on my behalf (knowing I don’t send out thank you notes.) In this case your return thanks are genuine, yet misplaced.

You strike me as the sort of decent person who sends out thank you notes, therefore I am opting for version B of potential events and am guessing that my mother (who is also a person to whom thank you notes are deemed important) should be the real recipient of your thanks.

I, on the other hand, am not the sort of person who sends out thank you notes. Not that I am ungrateful, I would happily deliver my heartfelt thanks for whatever gift you bestowed upon me on the occasion of Mon Anniversaire - what was it, a scarf? No, I remember now – it was Rose-bud ‘Thank-You’ notelets. But I would prefer to thank you for these personally, over dinner, rather than sending an impersonal (all be it hand-written) thank you note.

However, it would appear that this opportunity has been denied to me, by you mysteriously receiving a thank you note that you believe I sent. I did not, and for the record, neither will I send thank you notes in the future to acknowledge receipt of other such delightful gifts. Of course this note is, in effect, a thank you note (all be it typed) to thank you for the thank you note you sent thanking me for the thank you note I sent for the ‘Thank-You’ notelets on which I can send people thanks, if I so desire.

So, please, when you see my mother do channel your appreciation in her direction, as she truly deserves your thanks not I, and let her be reassured that I (on this once in a lifetime occasion) have succumbed to her will, for which I am sure she will be truly … thankful? For this, I send you my best regards, and above all, my eternal gratitude.

Thank you.

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