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Hit Me, Baby.

Mick. Bass guitar

A young widower when they met eleven years ago, Shireen saved Mick from the edge of an abyss, literally, and he has been hopelessly devoted ever since. A lead guitarist at heart, he is now learning bass (Shireen needs a bass player) and the extra time he takes to practice (at their suburban marital home) gives Shireen more ‘rehearsal time’ with Jonno (at his backstreet bachelor pad).

Jonno. Lead guitar.

Jonno has rejected middle age in favour of the rock-star status he believes is his destiny. He enjoys the company of many a bored housewife and considers Shireen a great mate with whom he can ‘clear his tubes’ between affairs. He has failed to hold down a steady job for more than a few months and is always looking for a hand-out (which he often gets) and although these debts go unpaid he will be the first to get his wallet out at the bar, when flush.

Shireen. Singer/songwriter

Shireen (real name Sharon) is talented, driven, but accepts that she missed the boat musically and is considered ‘past it.’ The band is her driving force and singing keeps her mind off Jonno when he is fanning a new flame. She is fond of Mick, and has never told him that she went to Beachy Head to throw herself off (following the discovery of Jonno in yet another entanglement moments after she’d left his bed) but Mick had beaten her to the spot and had looked so wretched that she was compelled to save them both with an impromptu marriage proposal. She doesn’t regret it.

Baz. Drummer.

A supposedly ‘recovering’ alcoholic, Baz has a shot of vodka in one out of every three OJ’s - of which there is a steady supply. Baz’s social life hit rock bottom two years ago after a spate of stalking incidents forced his ex-wife to take out an injunction and his friends and family to disown him. Baz enjoyed mild celebrity status with a successful death metal band in the 80’s and whilst ‘Whisky Business’ is far beneath his talents (and not to his musical taste) he and the band need each other in equal measure. He despises Jonno.

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